Angela Rene Roberts earned notoriety quickly as an artist, teacher, jury member, and endearing representative of fine body art. She placed first in her first international competition by Fardel Cosmetics of France. Within her first 2 years, she won the USA National RAW 2013 Makeup Artist title, an elite final round qualification for the Austrian-based 2014 International Fine Art Bodypainting Association Award, and landed a role in the first TV season of Skin Wars for GSN of Sony Pictures. Many more prestigious awards and accolades were bestowed over the last several years. Recently topped by her win over the reigning World Award and North American champions at the first Arnold Sports Festival Bodypaint Revolution. Her fine-art skills have rendered living transformations on camera at CNN Headquarters in the Time Warner building of New York City, and garnered the 2015 MAC World Show Award on stage in Austria. With numerous awards, mainstream magazine covers, numerous feature articles, a NYC Times Square billboard, and international acclaim in general, she simply loves to produce fine body art in a humble studio, or add body painting to gallery art shows and festivals. She is now back in Louisiana with her first child Edgar, after serving as the USA jury representative in Daegu South Korea. Even Angela's spectacular wedding fully-adorned in the body paint of other artists from around the world, is a testimony of her love and commitment to the art and living canvas in all beautiful shapes, sizes, colors, and ages.

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“I am battling to be myself in a world that imposes compliance. I’m not always good with words, but I can draw and paint anytime. A universal language with no vocabulary limit. ” 
-Angela Rene Roberts: Read More at Formidable Woman Magazine

For rapid inquiries and booking
please email
or Call/Text/Voicemail (337) 962-5635.

Angela may be reached directly but may be on set,
location, or in studio for extended periods of time:
(337) 366-3553

Angela had the honor of serving on the jury at the  2018 Daegu International Bodypainting Festival Awards in South Korea. Mementos of her amazing experience (Flickr) / The Daegu  Art Museum featured her artwork (Facebook)

Angela's Recent Award: 1st Place at  The Arnold Sports Festival Invitational & International Competition (See: Video / Photos) March 3rd 2018 ( See more of her accomplishments here )

A Family Business:

**Below: "Tribute to Michelangelo" bodypaint done on 
Angela's husband & photographer Cully Firmin.
Angela is holding her puppy Lenore**

**Body art materials used are perfectly safe for all babies. 
Below: "Protective Nature" bodypaint on Angela's son,
Edgar Emmanuel Firmin 
(Also see "Peek A Boo Blue" bodypaint on her son)**

Angela's body paints can enhance TV commercials and magazine ads with art or educational aids:

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