Above(Left to Right): "Cajun Girl" for Skin Wars Season 3 Premiere Party Tribute to Brittney Pelloquin (Model Jillian Brennan), Tribute to Prince at Skin Wars Viewing Party Season 3(Model Jillian Brennan), "BeetleJuicy" Inspired by Tim Burton for Battle of Salons Competition (Model Jenee Broggi Taylor-Salon Bazaar). 
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Above: Louisiana International Film Festival

 Above: Fashion Week New Orleans Launch Party at the Saint Hotel.

Above: Art Walk at Astra Lafayette, Louisiana 

 Above: Valentines Day New Orleans "Moms Ball"

Beer Brewers Ball 2015

 Above: Angela painted 13 logos in less than 4 hours for the Brewers Ball at the Pelican House in Baton Rouge, Louisiana(no stencils)

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