MAKEUP ARTIST MAGAZINE: Cully and Angela's Body Paint Wedding Announced in Oct/Nov 2015 Issue 116. Purchase Here: 

Watch as Shanika and Sam of SlamPow! Productions (@slamridd and @shanikapowell) get painted by renowned body painting artist Angela René Roberts on Black & Sexy TV  in the CNN headquarters of the Time Warner building in NYC.

Angela's bodypaint featured in French article "L'hommage des bodypainters aux attentats de Paris" (The homage of the bodypainters to the attacks of Paris)
Above: Angela on Sony Pictures Game Show Network's(GSN) "Skin Wars" Billboard in Times Square New York City (2014). 

Cosmopolitan Magazine See Angela's models (Above) Sake Fevah and Cully Firmin in Cosmopolitan Magazine November 2014 Issue from New York Bodypainting Day by Andy Golub Page 58 Purchase Here

Playboy Magazine Also see Angela's model Sake Fevah in Playboy Magazine May Issue 2015 (USA)  Page 118

Above: Angela on the cover of OK! magazine.

Raw 8th Birthday Success Stories: Angela Rene Roberts 3/5/2017

Angela wins 1st place at the first invitational Bodypaint Revolution Competition
at the Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio (March 2018)

Angela's notable accomplishments include:

2018 1st Place at The Arnold Sports Festival Invitational Competition (Video)

Judges Choice Award- 2017 by Craig Tracy in North American Bodypaint Competition (Greensboro, NC)

1st Place "Battle of  the Salons" 2016 with Salon Bazaar (Lafayette, LA)

MAC Pro  2015 World Show Award (Austria)

World Award 2015 Pro Brush/Sponge (Austria) 6th Place
(Only artist from North America in top-10 of the 2015 World Award competition.)

GSN's Skin Wars Season 1 2014 for Sony Pictures

North American Bodypainting Championship - Audience Choice Award - 2014 and 2015

RAW 2013 National Makeup Artist of the Year

RAW 2013 New Orleans Makeup Artist of the Year

International Fine Art Bodypainting Association Award Final 6 - 2014

Fardel Cosmetics (France) 1st Place 2012 International Body Painting Competition

Angela's award-winning bodypaint on Fardel Cosmetics website (2012)
Angela ranked Top 6 in world fine art bodypainting competition (2014)

Angela's body paints can enhance TV commercials and magazine ads with art or educational aids:

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